Couple Musix™

Version 1.0

Couple Musix™ is the best six personalized music greeting application dedicated for your loved one, that intended for love addict .

  • The best six personalized couple music
  • Each couple music can be emailed to your loved one
  • A love theme couple music
  • 6 genres
Available on the iPhone

Device Requirements: iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, 3/4G iPod touch and iPad. Requires iOS 3.2 or later. Size : 4.1 MB

The best six personalized couple music dedicated for your loved ones.

Each couple music can be emailed to your loved one.

A love theme couple music. Consist of six genres.

The best personalized couple music ever.

- loving couple

It's all about us the couple.

- Boy next door

Simple but cool and catchy music.

- Girl next door

More and more couple will have their own personalized music.

- Young married couple
What is it all about?

It's all about personalization. We create personalized couple music for your loved ones especially for love addict.

How to personalize?

It's simple. Start choosing your melody and click play to listen. Choose one out of the best six couple music and start sending via email to your loved ones.

How to personalize our name?

We will working on that.

Can you put more melody?

We will definitely add more melody from time to time.

We Personalize Your Emotion

We bring excitement by inspiring you with personalization. We are the folklore content creator and publisher that developing personalized music, arcade games (coming soon), children animation, video ringtones, character emoticons, mobile apps for iPhone & iPad, and web apps.

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The Team

App Screenshots

Couple Musix 1.0

Released on 01/22/12
  • New release.
  • User can choose and start to play the best six personalized couple music.
  • When you scroll, the music will automatically stop and you need to choose again and start playing.
  • User can email the selected couple music and send to their loved ones instantly using the numbers button.

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